Name misspelled/change player after live scoring is opened/sub player

If it's a BirdieFire team (symbol next to team), inform that coach that he/she spelled the players name wrong.  They change it in their own system and it will apply to the live leaderboards.


For a non-BirdieFire team (doesn't have symbol next to them) click on team lineups > view lineups > edit > and change name


This also works as a workaround if you need to change a player after live scoring has been opened. (it will change it all the way back to the start of the tournament, so make sure this is something you want to do).

Sub Player

For rare instances where a player is sub-ing in for another player in between rounds, still follow the instructions below but in the first name, put the original players name followed by a /  - then fill in the replacement players name in the last name. It would read like this:

First name: Mike Smith/

Last Name: John Clark


The leaderboard will then read Mike Smith/John Clark so people know that both players contributed to this score.


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