Combine Two 9 Holes For Yardage Book

PLEASE NOTE: Yardage books are only available to DECADE Players, DECADE College teams or DECADE Instructors. 


1. Login to and click the 'Yardage Books' tab. 


2. Type in the first 9 holes you want to use. 

**You cannot download JUST a 9 hole course yardage book, it must be 18 holes**


3. After you select the first 9, this screen will appear where you can select 18 hole combination that has already been created or you can create a new combination:


4. If you don't select one that's already been created and create the new combination, you will then select the second 9 holes you want to use:


5. Then once you select the second 9 holes, this screen will appear to use the course newly created:


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