Setup Course Yardage in Advance

1. Login to and go to Tournaments tab, then at the bottom there is a 'Set DECADE Pins' and 'Setup Course Yardages'.  Click on 'Setup Course Yardages'

2. On this page you can search by date and see all the 'Yardage Setups' in the system.  All Yardage setups are public so if a team in the same tournament has already done it, you don't have to as well. 



3. Click 'Add Yardage Setup' and you will select a course.

4. Then, give it a 'name' you or your players will recognize, like the tournament name etc. Select the first date this yardage could be used. Then this 'setup' will be available on that date and 5 days afterwards.



5. Then during the entry process the player will see the 'setup' option when selecting their 'Tees' 






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